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In working collaboratively with owners and clients in both primary and sub-consultant roles, Comprehensive Construction Consulting, Inc. (CCC) has added value to our clients’ projects through all phases of construction.

For over 10 years, our primary resource is our talent of construction and engineering consultants who provide collaborative services. Our employees and our alliances with other key individuals and organizations allow us to support clients in matters involving all divisions of engineering and construction.

Client satisfaction drives the succes of every project. With over 23 employees, we accomplish this goal by establishing and monitoring strict timelines at every step of the building process. CCC Project Managers are involved at project inception to ensure a collaborative approach to every project, by applying a constractor's "reality check", ensuring strong communication links between all stakeholders.

What our client says

CCC, Inc. was recognized as one of the top teams overseeing the 2017 Chicago Public Schools Capital Construction Program.

-Rob Christieb, Chief Construction Manager, CPS