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Project Closeout

Construction project closeout is the final phase of a construction project which occurs after physical construction has been completed, but before the project is turned over to the owner. Construction project closeout is a complex process that requires expertise, coordination and attention to detail. CCC's construction project closeout services ensure that the jobsite is ready for the owner to take over, which involves verifiying that all work has been completed according to specifications and that the quality of the work matches project requirements. Project closeout also includes handing over relevant documentation to the owner. All documentation detailing each stage of the project, including what each entity involved in the project has completed and in some cases, their correspondence must be provided to the owner. All financial documentation for the project must also be organized and provided to the owner. We walk the owner through jobsite to ensure that the turnover goes smoothly and verify that any final punchlist items are completed, which often requires coordination between the project manager, general contractor, and any required subcontractors.

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What our client says

CCC, Inc. was recognized as one of the top teams overseeing the 2017 Chicago Public Schools Capital Construction Program.

-Rob Christieb, Chief Construction Manager, CPS