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Public Outreach

Outreach plans are critical components of success for large public projects as they ensure transparency, explain the rationale behind the project, generate public support and build confidence in the leadership behind the project.  A project’s success often relies on working closely with affected community members and collaborate with clients to implement incorporate comprehensive strategies for public outreach initiatives that inform and involve the public and community stakeholders. CCC has extensive experience in coordinating and spearheading outreach efforts on behalf of agencies and other stakeholders during major construction programs. CCC may provide an public outreach liaison to attend community meetings and provide timely updates regarding project plans and progress schedules as well as community education and interaction through online message boards, newsletter distribution, engaging the media, social media campaigns, and email blasts.

In some cases, it may make sense to allow the public a seat at the planning table to reduce issues later in construction. The community may be engaged to provide input on certain project elements, including traffic planning, aesthetic features or the construction schedule. Additionally, CCC is highly reponsive to calls and emails from the community about the project. Construction activities may move quickly, and it is important to provide timely and relevant responses to all calls and emails, especially when residents’ emotions can be elevated when quality of life is impacted by construction. 

Illinois Tollway Program Management Office

What our client says

CCC is awarded the 2014 ‘Construction Project of the Year’ for the Rodgers Elementary School Renovation Project..

-Patricia Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, CPS