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Community Service/Outreach
Construction Consulting

These services include short and long term roles including program feasibility, funding/financing availability to match the planned project scope, contact document review confirming there is a clear understanding of financial and construction requirements.

Construction Inspection

Inspection is one of the most important elements of construction and contract administration. Good engineering design and properly prepared plans and specifications are essential for a quality end product. However, ensuring that specifications and drawings are adhered to depends largely on the staff monitoring the project.

Construction Management

As a construction management consultant, CCC provides both design and construction advice, define the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team, implement project controls, develop communication protocols, and identify elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims.

Construction Oversight

Qualified construction professionals are often required to provide oversight on projects when the principal has either defaulted or requires supplementation. Owners often require oversight to ensure that their project is being managed and constructed as planned. Our team is well qualified to provide this oversight for stakeholders.

Construction Project Management

We focus on overseeing the building of a project from beginning to end, usually including successfully budgeting, organizing, implementing, and scheduling the entire construction project.

Contract Administrator and Procurement Contract Analyst

All projects have expectations from the owner and end user. Public contracts may include many requirements which must be understood by all members of the construction team. CCC will assist in review of contracts, monitor progress and payments, and report as required. Good contract administration assures that end users are satisfied with the product or service being obtained under contract.

EEO-W/MBE Consulting

CCC can assist in incorporating owner requirements on Minority/Community hiring and M/WBE contractor utilization. CCC can also monitor compliance on these matters and report as required and recommend special measures to achieve established goals.


CCC has a LEED Accredited Professional certified for new construction and has worked on LEED-certified projects where site sustainability and recycling of soil, concrete, rebar and asphalt is a requirement on the project.

Owner’s Representative

Owner’s Representative services level the playing field between project owners, contractors, vendors and architects. We advise owners throughout the construction process helping control expenditures and improving processes. CCC assists in identifying potential developers for a project site, work with public agencies to secure funding, zoning, and tax-increment financing (TIF) related issues.

Program Management

Program management is the process of managing multiple ongoing inter-dependent projects. Program Management also reflects the emphasis on coordinating and prioritizing resources across projects, departments, and entities to ensure that resource contention is managed from a global focus.

Project Closeout

Often, the details of project completion are ignored. CCC’s project closeout services can assist in the final reconciliation of all outstanding items expected of the contractors, suppliers, user agency (or tenant) and the owner. This can include warranty matters, lien resolution, claim resolution and verification of matters which allows the project to be free and clear of disputes.

What our client says

I want to express my most sincere thanks to the project management team for their leadership and support throughout the Jamieson annex project. The CCC management staff was very professional and responsive to any of my or my staffs needs during this project. I can't speak highly enough for these employees working under the PBC and feel they should be recognized for their outstanding work.

-Robert Baughman, Principal Jamieson Elementary School