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Comprehensive Construction Consulting, Inc. strives to provide the highest quality of professional services in the construction management industry. Through our experience and knowledge, we deliver superior client service while achieving sustainable growth.

Our core principle is client satisfaction through the effective management of staff, our most valued asset.


CCC is a long-term, forward-thinking organization continually expanding into new fields of construction services.

We create a work environment that fosters collaboration, sound fiscal management, effective leadership, and continuous learning, which will transform the lives of our staff and the communities we serve.


Our Board of Directors and owners have established the following core values, to which we strive to adhere in our relationships with clients as well as instill in our staff:

1. Collaboration with clients and teamwork among our owners, consultants, and professional staff.

2. Openness, honesty, and responsiveness in communications as well as respect of the opinions and viewpoints of all team members.

3. Integrity and ethical behavior.

4. Excellence in service and attentiveness to the client’s needs.

5. Individual reliability and accountability for all.

6. Social responsibility to the communities we serve.

What our client says

CCC, Inc. was recognized as one of the top teams overseeing the 2017 Chicago Public Schools Capital Construction Program.

-Rob Christieb, Chief Construction Manager, CPS