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Provident Hospital MRI and Endoscopy Suite Renovation

Provident Hospital MRI and Endoscopy Suite Renovation

Provident Hospital was the first African-American owned and operated hospital in America. Provident was established in Chicago in 1891 by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, an African American surgeon who went on to perform the nation’s first open heart surgery. This was during a time in American history where few public or private medical facilities were open to black Americans. It was founded to provide health care and medical training to African American women who were systematically denied entracne to the existing medical schools in Chicago. Today Provident Hospital of Cook County provides a wide array of health care services to the residents of Cook County, particularly residents in the Grand Boulevard neighborhood and on the South Side of Chicago.

CCC served as the lead Project Manager and Owner's Representative for this 10,000 sf. Endoscopy and MRI suite renovation project by providing program design, program management and construction administration services. The overall strategic plan was to transform the hospital into an Ambulatory Center for Radiology, Laboratory, Endoscopy and a One-Day Surgery medical center.  

CCC coordinated the weekly construction status meeting to keep construction on schedule, minimized constructability issues by working closely with Wold Architects and Engineers and Berglund Construction Company, designed and provided the approved cost loaded schedule, updated construction documents and construction submittals, approved general contractor pay applications as well as closeout reports for this project.


What our client says

I want to express my most sincere thanks to the project management team for their leadership and support throughout the Jamieson annex project. The CCC management staff was very professional and responsive to any of my or my staffs needs during this project. I can't speak highly enough for these employees working under the PBC and feel they should be recognized for their outstanding work.

-Robert Baughman, Principal Jamieson Elementary School