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95th Street CTA Station Renovation - Jacobs Engineering Teaming Prime

95th Street CTA Station Renovation - Jacobs Engineering Teaming Prime

• Overseeing the construction of major structural support and retaining walls as well as the various design phases
• Construction inspection services
• Providing traffic controls that allow vehicular traffic to move cautiously and safely through the construction zone.

Dan Ryan and 95th Street Red Line Reconstruction has a construction cost of +$4000 million. Comprehensive Construction Consulting is a valued member of the Jacobs Engineering team that is currently over seeing this Design-Build Project. The project started in 2014 and will replace the existing facility and be expanded to include the existing station and is currently the highest passenger volume CTA rail station in the system. The project also involves an expanded CTA bus and Gray Hound Bus station terminal area.  The work also involves extensive track removal and replacement work. 

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What our client says

I want to express my most sincere thanks to the project management team for their leadership and support throughout the Jamieson annex project. The CCC management staff was very professional and responsive to any of my or my staffs needs during this project. I can't speak highly enough for these employees working under the PBC and feel they should be recognized for their outstanding work.

-Robert Baughman, Principal Jamieson Elementary School